XoXo, Gossip Girl

After watching the Gossip Girl’s last season finale, I am so overwhelmed with human emotions that I just can’t help but write it all out-all my jumbled and crazy mess of thoughts and feelings out!

Chuck and Blair are the most romantic couple I’ve ever come across, aside from my grandparents, somewhere along the lines of Jack and Rose or Cory and Topanga. The friendship between Blair and Serena makes me feel so close to my own friends, and the struggle and gradual success of Dan and his sister’s quest to fit in the upper east side is something that anyone could relate to, whether they admit it or not. The bonds of family, friends, and true love, in a world of secrets, scandals, and unfathomable amounts of wealth was the perfect show, and this last episode, the perfect ending. This is without my even mentioning the inhumane good looks of each of the main characters, sigh. This may just be one of those rare times when the television version is better than the books.

Goodbye, New York City
XoXo, Gossip Girl.

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