Spirit Life on Millennial Masala

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of guest hosting live on Radio Azad in Dallas, Texas. It was such a pleasure to join host Anil Sohani on Millenial Masala, a talk show interviewing millennials sharing their journey to inspire others, to talk about all things holistic health!

During the interview, I discussed more in-depth about what exactly I do as a holistic nurse, mindfulness practitioner, and life coach entrepreneur. I also shared the basic must-knows about diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management as well as effective goal-setting and how to actually stick to your goals!

Here are just a few of the topics we covered in this value-packed 2 hour segment:

  • Diet facts about some of the most popular diets today
  • Healthy and nutritious meals for weight loss
  • Exercise benefits and requirements
  • How to stay motivated no matter what
  • Sleep hygiene tips for your best sleep yet
  • Stress management techniques for beginners
  • How to set a SMART goal and stick to it
  • Frequently asked questions about meditation,  happiness and more!

In addition to all of this super helpful information, I also talked about how to get access to Spirit Life’s various programs and services including meditation, nutrition, mindfulness coaching and the signature 6-week life transformation online course. Check out the instant replay on Mixcloud and leave any feedback or questions in the comments below or via email at fatima@aspiritlife.com because as always, I love hearing from you all!


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