Spirit Life is a holistic life coaching service for personal development and lifestyle transformation, centered primarily around integrative wellness as a tool for creating impactful service-based change.

Holistic coaching is alternative form of therapy which integrates physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of an individual to promote healing, health and wellness to the whole being.

There is then a special focus which is placed on helping you step into your life purpose as you reach new levels of fulfillment and success in your personal and professional life.


The Spirit Life mission is to help you discover simple, light-hearted solutions for your health, mood, business & life so you can have serenity, clarity & energy to thrive!

This is done by combining various biopsychosocial modalities such as meditation, mindfulness therapy, wellness and general life coaching with individual guidance towards beginner service-based projects and entrepreneurship.

I specialize in helping working women align their core values with their everyday lifestyle to create long-lasting, positive changes within themselves and in their overall life purpose.


The ultimate vision for Spirit Life is to become a source of light and hope through the promotion of wellness, education and service. The aim is to use holistic personal development in order to spark lifestyle change in the form of meaningful service at a local and global capacity.

The Spirit Life dream is to educate, inspire and empower others to take charge of their happiness rather than being a victim of their circumstances, through the knowledge that when your mind, body and soul are in alignment then life can be fulfilling regardless of circumstances.


The core values of Spirit Life are founded upon self-development through enhancement of mind, body and soul, and life transformation through purposeful service to others and making a difference all around the world.

Spirit Life is also the founder of Spirit Light, and proud supporter of the Aga Khan Development Network, International Volunteer Headquarters, and Trades of Hope.


Spirit Life is dedicated to serving as your lifestyle source for all things holistic by providing various services such meditation instruction, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, nutrition consultations, beginner service-based entrepreneurship and general life coaching.

Feel free to browse all the new products, online courses, YouTube videos, blog posts and so much more! Let it serve as your ultimate guide on how to live a life of peace, self-love, health, purpose, abundance and joy as you learn to balance your mind, body, heart and spirit to live your most authentic life in each moment!


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