It only took me over a quarter of a century and some wise words from my baby sister to realize that the heart is the center of life and there is nothing more important than love. Emotions and feelings are among the most difficult things to understand in life; they may be small and involve feelings after a vivid dream or favorite song, or they can be big enough to bring about one’s purpose. They can be positive such as happiness, peace, joy, love, and wonder, or negative like sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, and confusion. At times, the ability to feel everything so deeply can feel like both a blessing and a curse, but each of these emotions is sent from the Universe with love, to serve and guide us.

The most important part of my heart, however, is my love; I love God, I love my Imam, and I love myself, I love my family and my roots from my parents’ families, and a handful of my best friends/close relationships I can trust. I love the other communities I am a part of, like-minded people currently in my life and my Jamat, my pasts and Facebook friends that I’ve met throughout my life, my patients and everyone I come across. Although there may be times I do not always agree with others, I still believe in the importance of patience, tolerance, respect, compassion and understanding. I love regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, actions, lives, age, and any and all other forms of separation, as they come in and out of my life at the times they are meant to and teach me about life.

am shamelessly all about peace and unity and personally love the concepts of globalization and the integration of cultures through common backgrounds, interests, religion, and even music and social media websites such as Facebook and this beloved blog. I love animals and all living creatures, and I love nature and the universe and all that It has created. I see God in others because we are all one and the same, so I love with my whole self and never hold back, without expecting anything in return- and I am often surprised at how I reap its benefits tenfold, for I am blessed enough to feel this love reciprocated. When it comes to real love, I know to not have expectations or attachments, but to always forgive quickly and never lose hope. My level of distrust can seem borderline paranoid at times, but having those walls up does not impede on my ability to carefully let someone in or on my ability to love fully and wholly. In life, love is everything, beneficial in all aspects of health and is necessary in order to achieve happiness. Not just romantic love portrayed in the media, but a love for all of your family and friends, a love for strangers, and a love for mankind in general. Above all, a love for your self- in the end, we are all one essence, A love for something higher that will give you faith and hope for the future, and strength to not only get through, but rather embrace struggle. This kind of love that gives freely of oneself without expecting anything in return is the kind that will make you feel alive and enlighten your soul and bring you the kind of eternal happiness that is untouchable, and will inevitably be returned to you tenfold.

As a psychology graduate and self proclaimed people person, I enjoy being able to communicate with others effectively, and with compromise and flexibility. I pride myself on being able to understand others and relate to people in a way that many people are unable to. We are all one, and more similar than most people realize; I have realized that the line dividing normal and abnormal is nearly nonexistent, which is why I care less about what people think as I grow older. I live firm to the fact that humans are social creatures and there is not a single soul you cannot love if you truly understand them. Everyone has their own journey, so never compare yourself to anyone; there is always someone better and worse off than you in every aspect of life. I am blessed to know that I am among the most blessed. I want to dedicate my life to helping end various problems of the world, from poverty, to lack of freedom and equality, to furthering education and service in areas such as health and government as well as everyday life, to help inspire others achieve peace of mind and happiness. I have an open mind and a big heart, and an incredible longing to love rather than judge, to help others, to fix them, to love them with all I have, to help them have what I finally have.

I believe that one of my primary purposes in this life is to help others to achieve the peace and happiness and contentment that I have found after so long, and I want to devote my life here to that purpose- to love and help others and leave this world a better place than I found it to be upon my arrival. I am happiest when I feel connected to and freely love and share happiness with those in my life, and help those who are less fortunate in any way, shape, or form, in any and every aspect of their lives that I possibly can, in daily life, as well as through my career and volunteering, all the time, as much as I possibly can, because that is what my life is all about. Check out my posts to see how to get rid of past negative energy and clear space in your heart to fill it with the greatest gift of all, and be on the lookout of the charities of the month to find out how you can make a difference!