A lifestyle is a succession of consistent habits that are in alignment with who you are. In my daily life, I am constantly striving to reach new heights in every aspect, because all the knowledge in the world does no good if I don’t live by them! My holistic morning ritual starts my day out the way I want before a meaningful nursing career, productive home/errands/finances, and any extra activities; after spending time with loved ones, my day ends with a nighttime routine, journaling and dreaming of new dreams (Check out more about my routine, centered around my life goals, here). I spend time in prayer and with family every Friday, complete my tasks and spend time on new adventures with friends on Saturdays, and do Yoga and blog every Sunday as I prepare for the week. I make sure to take time to relax on my own, have fun and take vacations exploring the world, working hard all week & playing hard on the weekends but remembering faith in every breath.

In an increasingly complex world, the 5 simple and essential habits I strive to achieve daily are meditation, mindset, movement, connection, and purpose. There are certain things I do regularly such as each week, month, or year that I incorporate into my life planner and agenda, which may seem a bit OCD, but I can assure you I am the most unique balance of organized and carefree you will ever meet. I take things a day at a time, remember the big picture, am laid-back, optimistic, and don’t stress the small stuff, but at the same time I admit I am a little crazy, because that is what means that I am alive- I love to be different, to be insane, to be myself, to reap the benefits of laughter and make others laugh and be random and silly and joke around, to go out to new places, try new things, meet new people, and live spontaneously and ridiculously free.

As with anyone else, there are things in my past that make me feel quite down at times, and fears about the uncertainty of my future that have the potential to cause anxiety, but every emotion in my heart is sent from the Universe with love, working for me…and only I have the final say in how I feel so I always try my best to be fully present and living in each individual moment. I try to live life a day at a time with a smile on my face and remember the big picture and don’t stress the small stuff, but I embrace each and every moment even when it’s anything but perfect…and live it to the fullest with as much laughter as I can possibly handle.

I am simple yet complicated, calm but crazy, and I love the life I live just the way it is. I know where I come from and where I want to go, and where I am in this exact moment. My family has helped bring me to where I am today, and one day I will help my future family arrive at the point at which they are meant to be. I am thankful for the decade or so of time in between, in which I have come to find myself and found some great friends along the way. I believe it is important to learn and grow from and remember the past, and to plan and dream and hope for the future, and be prepared for the worst, but hoping & striving for the best. But ultimately, what matters most is the amount of presence you have in each moment, because that is what life is made up of.