My mind is what controls my life- I cannot change the world, but I can always change my perception of it. I am open minded, intelligent, and ambitious. I am an open sponge, soaking up all that life has to offer, because that is what brings true wisdom. I value respect, tolerance, and using intellect and knowledge as a tool towards the progression of human society at a community level and strive to make an impact from a global perspective. I am ambitious because I know anything is possible, and with hard work and motivation, I know that even the sky is not really a limit. It is important to have a healthy mind, active and positive, to stay truly healthy and happy. Intellect is what separates man from all other creatures, and I don’t intend on wasting it- the mind is not only for creating a living, getting a job, and buying the “American Dream”-a house, a car, the luxury of the world wide web in ones mobile phone- this is only one idea of what it means to be successful; these things I have I have been blessed with I am incredibly grateful for, but the mind is really about understanding the universe and God’s creation.

As a nurse, I hope to always work with intelligence and passion, in Integrative Medicine- I am just as grateful for my education, career and finances as I am for the freedom to live in Texas, as a minimalist. I have my own interests in music and travel and writing, but this does not mean I am closed off to topics that I once never even gave a chance; from global issues, government, politics, current events, history, economics, human rights, and other social studies, to the other end of the spectrum to the maths and sciences, medicine, space, inventions and innovations in technology…all the way to art, creativity, literature, media and entertainment, cooking, fashion, sports, cars and common trivia. I have used my mind as a tool to learn how to live independently, balance a household and a career, and how to deal with the outside world in a positive manner. I can learn about the world, all its people and animals, everyone and everything and all their ways of thinking and living, about anything and everything in existence and it can never be enough; this universe is an abundance of never-ending knowledge and education and wisdom.

I am open minded to all these along with different kinds of people, cultures, ideas, ways of living, and new people, places, activities, and things, as well as to new experiences, and I approach everything in life with this open mindset. I am able to incorporate all of this into my spiritual beliefs in a way that can be difficult to explain. I believe everyone is free to be what they want, as long as it doesn’t harm or impede on the rights of others, and they should embrace this freedom, and most importantly, never judge or stereotype or discriminate against people, because that will leave no time to love them. I place a heavy emphasis on balancing my career, education, and nursing with housework, finances, and errands, along with making time for extra activities as well. My mind is of the sciences, and despite learning about how emotions are all a part of your mind, it does not always align perfectly with my heart which is of feelings and emotions, love, and purpose. As a graduate in and enthusiast of psychology, I am excited to share my thoughts on the amazing human mind with you!